How to stop receiving whatsapp messages when data is on?

If you’re like most people, you probably use WhatsApp to stay in touch with your friends and family. But sometimes, you may want to stop receiving WhatsApp messages when your data is on. Here’s how to do it:

If you want to stop receiving WhatsApp messages when your data is on, you need to go into your WhatsApp settings and turn off notifications.

How to stop receiving messages on WhatsApp without turning off data?

If you want to save battery on your phone, there are a few easy settings to change. Just go into your phone’s settings and scroll down to the battery section. From there, you can change a few things to help your battery last longer. For example, you can change your screen’s brightness and timeout settings, as well as disable automatic syncing for things like email and social media. Just make a few small changes and you’ll see a big difference in your battery life.

You can disable the background data usage for WhatsApp by going to Settings > Connection or Connection & Sharing > Data Usage. Then, click on the WhatsApp icon to see a list of apps that are consuming data in the background. From there, you can disable the background data usage for WhatsApp.

How to stop receiving WhatsApp messages when data is on on iPhone

It’s really easy to disable WhatsApp notifications on your iPhone. Just open the app, go to settings, and then turn off all the notification options. This will ensure that you no longer receive any notifications from WhatsApp, and won’t be disturbed by the app.

If you don’t want to receive messages in WhatsApp, you can force stop the app under Settings – Apps. This will stop the app from working and you will not receive messages in the app. However, you will still be able to use other messaging and data dependent services.

How do I stop WhatsApp messages without turning data off on Iphone?

If you want to conserve data usage, you can turn off background data for WhatsApp. This will prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading media files when you’re not using the app. You can still receive notifications and messages, but you’ll have to manually download any media files that you want to see. To turn off background data:

1. Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots in the top right corner.
2. Tap Settings, then Data and storage usage.
3. Tap the toggle next to Low data usage to turn it on.

You can always turn background data back on if you want to be able to automatically download media files in WhatsApp.

You can turn cellular data on or off for individual apps directly from the Settings app. This is useful if you want to prevent certain apps from using cellular data, or if you want to limit your data to stop receiving whatsapp messages when data is on_1

Can I stop an app from using mobile data?

To limit mobile data use for an app, tap the cellular data icon to its extreme right. Otherwise, tap the Wi-Fi icon next to it to restrict the app from running on a Wi-Fi network. Select both icons to stop an app from using data at all. You’ll see a strike on any connection type you’ve disconnected.

If you force stop WhatsApp, you will no longer receive messages on it because the app is no longer active on your phone. You will need to reopen the app to start receiving messages again.

What happens if I offload WhatsApp on Iphone

WhatsApp offers a great feature that allows you to offload your chats, images, and other data to your iPhone’s storage. When you do this, the next time you install WhatsApp, you will be automatically logged in with your number without having to register again. However, you will not receive any messages while your WhatsApp is offloaded.

If you’re on an Android device:

Open your phone’s Settings app
Tap Network & internet Internet
Next to your carrier, tap Settings
Tap Data warning & limit
If it’s not already on, turn on Set data limit
Read the on-screen message and tap Ok
Tap Data limit
Enter a number
Tap Set

How do I restrict mobile data to certain apps?

You can prevent apps from using data by headi

If you turn off cellular data for an app or service, it will only use Wi-Fi for that service. This can be useful if you want to save data or if you have a limited data plan.

How can I free up WhatsApp storage without deleting anything

-Open the chat and tap the contact’s name > Media below > Chat settings > tap Free up

-On the chat, tap More options > tap the contact’s name > tap Free up

If you uninstall the WhatsApp app, your chat messages will still be stored and you will still receive them. However, you will not be able to access them unless you reinstall the app. WhatsApp has both a local backup and a cloud backup in which your messages will be stored until you decide to reinstall the app.

Does clear data delete everything WhatsApp?

When you clear WhatsApp data, your chats will be deleted. However, you can restore your WhatsApp messages from your local backup or Google Drive. Other things that are reset include customization settings, such as WhatsApp wallpaper, font size, and storage usage.

It’s important to be aware of the apps that are running in the background and using your data. You can prevent background apps from using your data by going into the ‘Settings’ app and turning off ‘Mobile/Cellular data’. You can also restrict background data usage by going into Settings > Data usage and turning on ‘Data Saver’.how to stop receiving whatsapp messages when data is on_2

How do I stop apps from using personal data

Android devices let you manage app permissions to protect your information and limit what apps can do. Depending on your Android model, you may need to go to Settings > Privacy to access this option. To remove permissions from an app: Go to Settings > Privacy > Permission manager. Choose and tap a permission to modify settings. Choose the app and tap Don’t Allow, Ask every time or Allow only while using the app.

It’s important to be aware of your mobile data usage, especially if you have a limited data plan. To help with this, you can set a warning or limit on your data usage. Once you reach your limit, your data will automatically turn off. This way, you’ll avoid any overage charges. Remember, though, that some features won’t work when mobile data is turned off.


There is no sure way to stop receiving WhatsApp messages when data is on. However, you can try putting your phone in airplane mode or do not disturb mode. Additionally, you can try to uninstall the WhatsApp app.

One way to stop receiving Whatsapp messages when data is on is to go into the Whatsapp settings and turn off notifications. Another way is to uninstall the app.