How to put google play card on family link?

If you’re a parent with a child under 13 (or the applicable age in your country), you can use Family Link to create a Google Account for your child. Once your child signs in to their device with their new account, you can use Family Link to approve their apps, set screen time limits, and more.

You can add a Google Play gift card to your child’s account so they can make their own app, game, movie, or music purchases. You can also use a credit card.

There is not currently a way to add a Google Play card to Family Link.

Can you use a Google Play gift card as a family payment method?

If you’re looking to use a gift card as a family payment method, you’ll be out of luck. Gift cards cannot be used as a family payment method, so you’ll need to find another way to pay your family members back.

If you manage your child’s Google Account with Family Link, your child can use Google Play. This means that they can download and use apps, as well as make in-app purchases. You can also set limits on what they can spend.

How do I add a Google Play card to my child

To change your family payment method, open the Google Play app and tap the profile icon at the top right. Then, tap Payments & subscriptions and select Payment methods. Next, choose a new payment method and tap OK.

We understand that you may be disappointed with our decision to disallow the use of Google Play Games for the monitored account. However, we believe that this is the best decision for the safety and security of the account. Google has pushed hard for developers to integrate play games into their software, but we believe that this is not in the best interest of the account holder. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

How do I allow purchases on Family Link?

If you have a child who uses an Android device, you can use the Family Link app to set content restrictions on Google Play. This will allow you to approve or disapprove of any purchases or downloads made by your child.

At 13 (or the applicable age in their country), a child can either:

1. Continue to have their account managed by their family manager.
2. Start managing their own account.

If the child chooses to start managing their own account, they will be able to do things like add their own payment method, buy apps, and make in-app purchases. The family manager will still be able to see their child’s purchase history and control spending limits, but the child will have more control over their to put google play card on family link_1

Can I put Google pay on my child’s phone?

If your child is under 13 (or the applicable age in your country), they cannot manage their own payments profile. If your child has an existing payments profile, it will be closed. Your child’s Google Play credit (not including promotional Play balance) will be transferred to their family manager’s account.

When using a gift card, be sure to enter the code correctly without any spaces or dashes. If the code does not work, check with the store where the card was purchased as it may not be activated yet.

Does Google Play have age restrictions

Assuming you would like a rating system for movies:

G – All Ages
PG – Parents Strongly Cautioned
PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13
R – Restricted
NC-17 – No One 17 and Under Admitted

If you want to download an app that isn’t available in your country, the best way to do it is with a VPN. By using a service like NordVPN, you can select from a diverse server fleet and access Google Play content that’s not available in your country. All you need is a NordVPN account and the Android app.

Is Google Family Link only for kids under 13?

There is no minimum age for a child to have a Google Account managed with Family Link. It is up to you to decide when your child is ready for their first Android or ChromeOS device.

If you’d rather not approve this request, click Deny. The person making the purchase will get an error message saying the transaction can’t be completed.

Can family link block Play store

Parental controls can be used to restrict the content your child can access on their device. To set up parental controls:

1. Select your child’s device from the drop-down menu.
2. Select the type of content you want to restrict.
3. Select the specific content you want to block.
4. Select Save.

On your Android device, open the Family Link app and tap on the child’s account in question. Tap “Manage settings,” then tap “Controls on Google Play” This menu will let you edit your parental controls, even if your child is younger than 13.

Can a child delete Family Link?

I think that this is a great way to protect the app from tampering by kids. I know that my kids would never be able to uninstall the app if they didn’t have the parent’s group password. I think that this is a great way to keep the app safe and secure.

This is to inform you that once your child turns 13, they can continue to use Family Link if they choose to do so. However, teens with existing accounts are not eligible to be managed by Family Link at this time. Thank to put google play card on family link_2

Can I delete Family Link when child turns 13

It is very important to delete your child’s account if they are under the age of 13 (or the applicable age in your country). This will stop supervision on specific devices and remove your child’s account from their device.

You must be 16 years of age or older to use Google Pay. Other card and account restrictions will apply as per your normal terms and conditions.

Final Words

If you want to add a Google Play gift card to your child’s account so they can make purchases on Google Play, you can do so through the Family Link app. To add a gift card to your child’s account:

1. Open the Family Link app and select your child.

2. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner and select “Settings.”

3. Select “Google Play.”

4. Tap “Add Payment Method.”

5. Select “Gift Card.”

6. Enter the code from the back of the card and tap “Add.”

Your child will now be able to use the gift card to make purchases on Google Play. If you have any problems adding the gift card, you can contact Google Play support for help.

After adding a credit or debit card to your Google Payments account, you can use it to buy things on Google Play, in apps, and on the web. If you have a family payment method, you can also use it to give your family members access to Google Play. Here’s how to add, edit, or remove a payment method on your Google Payments account: