How to delete all follow request on instagram at once?

Are you tired of constantly being bombarded with notifications from people you don’t even know trying to follow you on Instagram? If you’re looking for a way to get rid of all those follow requests at once, here’s a handy guide.

There is no direct way to delete all follow requests on Instagram at once. However, you can delete them one at a time by going to your pending follow requests page (accessible from the three dots menu on your profile page) and swiping left on each request.

How do I delete all my follower requests on Instagram?

You will have to log into the account for which you want to cancel all sent follow requests. Then in your profile, go to the Tools section and click on ‘Privacy and Security’. Then go to ‘Account Data’ section and ‘View Account Data’. Then under ‘Connections’ click on ‘view all’ for the ‘Current Follow Requests’.

Button to do this all you have to do is click on the requested Button right there and it’ll go back

Is there a way to cancel all requests on Instagram

If you want to cancel a sent request, you need to visit the profile page of the account you’ve sent the request to. Simply copy/paste the account names in your Instagram search and unfollow them. This process might take some time, depending on how many follow requests you’ve sent out.

If you want to unfollow a lot of accounts at once, be careful not to do more than 150 per day. If you do, your account could get temporarily banned.

How do I remove 1000 follow on Instagram?

There is no way to unfollow everyone on Instagram with one selection, and Instagram limits you to about 200 unfollowings per hour. To unfollow everyone, unfollow people individually in groups of 200, wait about an hour and then unfollow 200 more until you’ve completed your list.

If you want to remove a follower from your list, you can follow these steps:

1. Go to your “followers” list
2. Select the profile you want to remove by tapping on it
3. In that profile, tap the three dots in the upper right corner
4. Select “Remove Follower” from the pop-up menu and confirm the to delete all follow request on instagram at once_1

Do Instagram Follow requests expire?

“Follow” requests on Instagram don’t have an expiration date, and they’ll never be automatically removed by Instagram. It’s possible that a change you made to your account is causing the requests to stay, such as changing your account status. You can try changing your account back to its original settings and see if that solves the problem.

From here you’ll be able to see a list of all the people who have sent you follow requests. You can either accept or ignore the requests from here.

What happens if I send too many follow requests on Instagram

You followed too many people and exceeded the limit. Now, you’ll need to wait for an undefined period of time until Instagram will let you follow more accounts.

This change was made to help reduce spam on Instagram. Anyone who is following more than 7,500 people will see an error message. However, anyone who followed more than 7,500 people before this change was made will not be affected.

Who has the highest followers in Instagram?

As of 4 January 2023, Cristiano Ronaldo is the most-followed person on Instagram with over 530 million followers. Kylie Jenner is the most-followed woman on the platform with over 377 million followers.

If you set your account to private, you can remove people from your followers list on Instagram. Just go to your profile, tap Followers at the top, and tap Remove to the right of the follower you want to remove. Confirm by tapping Remove.

How do you unfollow 3000 people on Instagram

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If you want to keep your Instagram account neat and tidy, there are a few things you can do. First, update your bio and account information. This way, anyone who comes across your account will know that it belongs to you and that it’s up-to-date.

Next, delete or archive any timely content or old posts that you don’t want anyone to see. This will keep your feed looking clean and organized.

Finally, take care of your captions. Make sure they are concise and to the point. Also, manage your following list. Only follow people who you actually want to see in your feed.

By following these simple tips, you can easily keep your Instagram account in tip-top shape!

How do I wipe my Instagram clean?

If you’re sure you want to delete your Instagram account, you can do so by going to the Delete Your Account page. You’ll need to log in first, and then select an option from the dropdown menu below Why do you want to delete [account name]?. You’ll be asked to re-enter your password to confirm.

If you are using our apps or not, you must make sure that you do not unfollow more than 200 accounts per day (new accounts under 3 months) and 700 accounts per day (accounts over 1 year). This will help keep your account in good standing and prevent any issues with our apps. Thank you!how to delete all follow request on instagram at once_2

What happens if you ignore a follow request on Instagram

If someone requests to follow you on Instagram and you do nothing, the request will stay unfulfilled. This means that the person who requested to follow you won’t be able to see your profile, but will instead see “Requested” where there is otherwise a “Follow” button.

From here you can view all current follow requests. To approve or deny a request, simply tap on the corresponding button next to the user’s name.


Unfortunately, there is no way to delete all follow requests on Instagram at once. You will need to go through and delete them one by one.

The best way to delete all follow requests on Instagram at once is to use a tool like Cleaner for Instagram. This tool will allow you to quickly and easily mass unfollow users who have requested to follow you on Instagram.