How long until instagram deletes your account?

If you’re wondering how long until Instagram deletes your account, the answer is usually around 30 days. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. If you’ve been inactive for more than six months, your account will be automatically deleted. Additionally, if you’ve been repeatedly violating the platform’s terms of use, your account may be permanently banned.

Instagram will delete your account if it is inactive for more than six months.

Does Instagram account get deleted if not used?

It’s important to log into your Instagram account every once in a while to avoid the risk of having it deleted. Inactive accounts are eligible for deletion after 90 days, but the company rarely deletes accounts that soon.

If Instagram believes that an account is in violation of its policies, it has the right to disable the account based on a single complaint. There is no rule about termination based on a number of reports.

Will my Instagram account delete itself

If you’re inactive on Instagram for more than six months, your account will be deleted.

If you believe that someone has created a fake Instagram account that is impersonating you or someone you know, you can report it to Instagram.

To report a fake account:

1. Go to the profile of the fake account.
2. Tap … (iPhone/iPad) or (Android).
3. Tap Report.
4. Select It’s a fake account and then tap Next.
5. Select They’re pretending to be me or someone I know and then tap Send.

Instagram will review your submission and may contact you if they require more information. Instagram usually replies within 24 to 48 hours via email and will delete the fake account if your request if approved.

Does Instagram delete your account after 30 days of deactivation?

Dear Instagram user,

Please be advised that after 30 days of your account deletion request, your account and all your information will be permanently deleted, and you won’t be able to retrieve your information. During those 30 days the content remains subject to Instagram’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and is not accessible to other people using Instagram.

Thank you for your understanding.


If your Instagram account has been disabled, it is most likely because you have violated one or more of the Community Guidelines. These guidelines are in place to ensure that Instagram remains a safe and enjoyable platform for all users. If you believe that your account has been disabled in error, you can appeal the decision by following the instructions on the Instagram Help long until instagram deletes your account_1

Do inactive accounts get deleted?

An account on Instagram will only be deleted if the owner does so explicitly. There is no concept of an “inactive” account.

If you’ve been temporarily banned from Instagram, it usually lasts for a few hours to 48 hours. The duration of your ban also depends on the follow-up actions you take.

Why has my Instagram account disappeared

There are a few possible reasons for why an Instagram account may disappear. It could be because the account was accidentally deleted after a technical malfunction on Instagram’s end, the account holder deliberately removed it, hacker activity, or other users reported the account for violating Instagram’s terms of service. If you’re trying to find a specific account and it’s nowhere to be found, it’s possible that it’s just been removed from public view for one of these reasons.

It’s important to stay active on Instagram if you don’t want your account to be automatically deleted. This means logging in at least once every two years and interacting with content on the platform. If you don’t do this, your account will be deleted and you’ll lose all your photos and followers.

Will Instagram delete my account if im deactivated for 2 months?

If you deactivate your Instagram account, Instagram will not delete it. All you have to do to reaccess your account is to log back in with the correct credentials. You can keep your account deactivated for as long as you want.

Instagram users can temporarily disable their account to hide their profile, photos, comments, and likes until they want to reactivate it by logging back in They can also put in a request for the permanent deletion of their account, after which Instagram takes 90 days to completely remove the account.

Will I get my Instagram back after 30 days

If you receive a notification that your account has been disabled, you will have 30 days to recover it. If the account remains inactive during this time, it could be completely deleted.

If a user’s profile is set to private, you will not be able to view any of their posts, even if they have a non-zero post count. If you can see the profile but not the posts, the account has not been deactivated.

How long before an account goes inactive?

Generally, an account is considered abandoned or unclaimed when there is no customer-initiated activity or contact for a period of three to five years. The specific period is based on the escheatment laws of each state.

Stale accounts are inactive accounts that have never logged in to a machine. They pose a security risk to organizations because each one of these accounts offers a malicious actor an opportunity to gain access to resources. To reduce the risk of security breaches, it is important to regularly review user accounts and disable or delete any that are no longer long until instagram deletes your account_2

How long is Instagram punishment

The Instagram shadowban is a temporary penalty that most users agree typically lasts 14 days. However, the effects of this temporary penalty can last much longer. This is because the shadowban can prevent your content from being seen by your followers and potential new followers. Additionally, the shadowban can also prevent you from being able to use certain features, such as hashtags, on Instagram. If you think you’ve been shadowbanned, the best course of action is to wait it out and see if the shadowban is lifted after a few days. If it is not, then you can try reaching out to Instagram directly to see if they can help.

If you are having trouble logging in, you can request a login link. On the login screen, tap Get help logging in. Enter the username, email address, or phone number associated with your account, then tap Next. Complete the captcha to confirm that you are a real human (web-only recovery). Select either your email address or phone number, then tap Next.

Final Words

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on Instagram’s internal policies and procedures. However, it is generally understood that accounts are typically only deleted if they are found to be in violation of the platform’s terms of use. So, if you are using Instagram in accordance with the rules, it is unlikely that your account will be deleted.

Based on the current Terms of Use, it is unclear how long Instagram will keep inactive accounts before deletion. However, it is clear that Instagram has the right to delete accounts at any time, for any reason. Therefore, it is best to assume that your account could be deleted at any time, and to backup any photos or videos that you do not want to lose.