How do i speak to someone at moneypak?

To speak to someone at MoneyPak, you can call their customer service line at 866-315-7057. When you call, you will need to provide your name, address, and the 16-digit number located on the back of your MoneyPak card. You will then be able to speak to a customer service representative who can help you with your inquiry.

There is no publicly available customer service number for MoneyPak. The best way to reach customer service is by emailing moneypak@green Dot com.

What is the MoneyPak number?

Green Dot Bank is a provider of prepaid debit cards and other financial services. You can contact them by phone at (866) 795-7597, by mail at PO Box 1070, West Chester, OH 45071, or by visiting their website at For general information about prepaid accounts, you can visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website at

If you have a MoneyPak and have not used it, you can request a refund by filling out the MoneyPak refund request form. Your refund check will typically arrive in the mail 7-14 days after you submit your refund request.

Is Green Dot customer service 24 hours

We are available to chat Monday-Friday 5am-9pm PST and Saturday-Sunday 7am-9pm PST. If chat is unavailable, please visit GreenDotcom/contact-us and we will be happy to assist you.

The only way you can load a Green Dot card with a debit card is by using the debit card to purchase a MoneyPak. After that, you can load the money over the phone by calling the number on the back of your Green Dot card, choosing the “reload with MoneyPak” option and punching in the PIN listed on the MoneyPak card.

Which bank accepts MoneyPak?

Depositing cash into your OneUnited Bank account is now easier than ever! With MoneyPak, you can purchase a reloadable card at 70,000+ retailers nationwide, including 7-Eleven, CVS, Dollar General, Rite Aid, Walgreens and more. You can then use the MoneyPak to transfer your funds to your OneUnited Bank debit card and checking account, 24/7. So next time you’re looking to deposit cash into your account, be sure to pick up a MoneyPak!

If you are having problems depositing funds with a MoneyPak, please complete the form below and include as much information as possible. The more info you provide, the faster a resolution can come. Email the completed form PLUS a photo or scan of your receipt and of the back of your MoneyPak to do i speak to someone at moneypak_1

How do I speak to a live person at Green Dot?

To reach customer service for Green Dot Bank, you can call the number on the back of your card (866-795-7597) or visit their website ( For general information about prepaid accounts, you can visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s website (

Assuming you would like a tips for using prepaid cards:

When using a prepaid card, be sure to activate the card and personalize it with your name before using it. This will ensure that the card is eligible for use and that your future reloads will be quick and easy. Additionally, be sure to keep the card saved in your profile so you can easily access it in the future.

Can a MoneyPak be traced

The back of each MoneyPak card has a 14-digit access code that can be used to transfer money. However, because these transfers are hard to trace, they have become a favorite among scammers. Thefts following this pattern typically involve the scammer obtaining the access code from the victim and then using it to transfer the money to their own account.

If you need to activate your Green Dot card, you can do so by visiting or by selecting the ‘Register/Activate Now’ option in the Green Dot app. You can also call (866) 795-7605 to activate your card.

Does Green Dot refund stolen money?

Please provide the image of your MoneyPak receipt as soon as possible after submitting your fraud claim. We will not be able to process your claim without the receipt image. If the funds are still available on your MoneyPak, we will issue you a refund check.

The USCIS Contact Center is a great resource for questions about your immigration status or application. The operators are available Monday-Friday from 8am-8pm EST.

What is the customer service number for cash App

If you have any questions or concerns about Cash App, you can reach out to their customer support team at 1-800-969-1940. Please note that this is the only phone number that you can call for Cash App support, and a representative will never ask for your password, PIN, social security number or full debit card number.

To add money to your PayPal account using a MoneyPak:

1. Visit and enter the MoneyPak number from the back of the package.
2. Follow the instructions. You’ll need to provide your name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number.
3. Pay the small fee with your credit or debit card.
4. Add the MoneyPak number to your PayPal account.

Do MoneyPak cards expire?

The MoneyPak is a prepaid card that can be used to reload other prepaid cards, or to pay for goods and services. There is no pre-set expiration date for the MoneyPak, but it is deemed to be expired when the balance is $0.

You cannot use a MoneyPak to add money to a PayPal account. You will need to check out PayPal Cash in order to add money to your PayPal do i speak to someone at moneypak_2

Do you need ID for MoneyPak

Personal information is required when setting up a MoneyPakcom secure log-in for identify verification purposes. In certain cases, customers may be asked to provide a copy of a valid US ID. This is to ensure that the customer is who they say they are, and to prevent fraud. MoneyPak takes the security of its customers’ information very seriously, and will only request information that is absolutely necessary.

MoneyPak is a convenient way for friends and family members to deposit money eligible prepaid and bank debit cards. Just purchase a MoneyPak at a store near you and visit to reload a card.

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To speak to someone at MoneyPak, you can call their customer service line at 1-800- Greendot (1-800-473-3636).

In order to speak to someone at MoneyPak, you will need to call customer service at 1-800-MoneyPak. When you call, you will need to press 1 for English, and then wait on the line to be connected to a customer service representative.