How do i delete my myfitnesspal history?

If you’re like many people, you probably use MyFitnessPal to track your calorie intake and exercise. But did you know that you can also delete your history? Here’s how:

To delete your MyFitnessPal history, open the app and go to the “More” tab. From there, select “Settings” and scroll down to the “Data” section. Here, you will see the option to “Delete Account.” Tapping this will delete all of your data, including your history.

How do I clear my history on MyFitnessPal?

To delete items in the iOS and Android app, swipe an item from right to left (iOS) or press and hold on the item (Android) in the “Recent” or “Frequent” view, then tap the “Delete” button when it appears. To delete Frequent items on the web, log in to our website at, click on the “Frequent” tab, then hover over the item you’d like to delete and click the trash can icon.

To delete an item from a list on a mobile device:

1. Tap the pencil icon that appears at the top of the page.

2. Tap the check mark next to the items you wish to delete.

3. Tap the “Delete” (trash can) icon.

How do I clear my MyFitnessPal cache

If you’re experiencing issues with MyFitnessPal, one thing you can try is clearing the app’s cache. To do this, go to Settings, then Applications (Apps), then find MyFitnessPal and tap on it. You may need to tap storage, then tap clear cache. This may help resolve any issues you’re having with the app.

You can now choose to have your activity automatically deleted after 3 months or 18 months.

How do I clear my tracker history?

Location History is a feature in Google Maps that allows you to view and manage your past locations. You can delete a day from your Location History if you no longer want it to be saved. To do this, open the Google Maps app on your Android device, tap your profile picture or initial, tap Your Timeline, tap Show calendar, select the day you want to delete, tap More, and tap Delete day. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm.

If you’re using an iPad or iPhone, you can delete an item by swiping it from right to left, then tapping “Delete”. If you’re using an Android device, tap the three dots on the top right, then the “Edit” icon, place a check next to the items you want to delete, then tap the “Delete” (trash can) do i delete my myfitnesspal history_1

What are the disadvantages of MyFitnessPal?

While the MyFitnessPal app is a great way to track your food intake and all nutritional information, there are some drawbacks. The scanner can sometimes be inaccurate and not find the product, which requires constant updating. Additionally, members are not able to edit certain amounts of consumed food.

When you clear your cache, you are simply deleting the temporary data that your device has stored from the websites and apps you visit. This has no impact on your photos or the files you have saved there. Regardless of the device, your photos are safe when you clear your cache.

How do you clear cache and clear data

In the Chrome app, on your Android phone or tablet, open the Chrome app. At the top right, tap More. Tap History. Clear browsing data. At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time. Next to “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes. Tap Clear data.

If your computer is running slow or you’re experiencing other issues, you may want to try clearing your cache. Clearing the cache simply clears temporary files – it won’t erase login credentials, downloaded files, or custom settings. To clear your cache, you can follow the instructions for your specific browser below:

1. Go to the Chrome menu
2. Select More tools
3. Select Clear browsing data
4. Select the types of data you want to remove
5. Select Clear data

1. Go to the Safari menu
2. Select Preferences
3. Select the Privacy tab
4. Click Remove All Website Data
5. Click Remove Now

1. Go to the Firefox menu
2. Select Preferences
3. Select the Privacy tab
4. Click Clear Your Recent History
5. Select how far back you want to clear your history
6. Click Clear Now

Is it better to delete or clear history?

It is important to delete your search history frequently in order to be safe online. Hackers can collect your personal information if you do not delete your search history, which makes it easy to scam and deceive you.

Log files can be safely deleted when they are no longer needed. If a log file is needed in the future, it will be created automatically. Log files are considered to be transient and should not be stored permanently.

Why is my browsing history not deleting

When you visit a website, it is possible for that site to store information about you in a cookie. This means that the next time you visit the site, it will remember you and automatically log you in. If you want the site to forget you, you will need to remove the cookies. If clearing the cookies does not work, then it is possible that the cookies are being stored by your browser.

It’s important to keep your web browsing history, cache, and cookies clean and up-to-date to ensure the best and most secure experience possible.Luckily, it’s easy to do on your iPhone or iPad. Just go to Settings > Safari and tap Clear History and Website Data. This will remove all of yourhistory, cache, and cookies from Safari.If you want to keep your history but delete your cookies and cache, go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Website Data and tap Remove All Website Data. This will only delete your cookies and cache, but keep your history intact.

How do I clear my activity log on my phone?

To sign in to your Google account, enter your email address or phone number and click Next. If you don’t have a Google account, click Create account.

This will clear all of your significant locations on any devices that are signed in with the same Apple do i delete my myfitnesspal history_2

How do I edit entries on MyFitnessPal

If you come across an incorrect food item in the database, you can edit it by following the steps outlined above. We appreciate your help in keeping the data accurate and up-to-date!

You can delete food items from your Android device by tapping the menu icon and then tapping “Edit.” That will allow you to select any of the food items. Next, tap the “Delete” icon (trash can) to remove them.

For iOS, swipe the item from left to right and tap “Delete.”


To delete your history, log into your account and go to the My History tab. From there, you can either delete individual entries or your entire history. To delete your entire history, click on the Delete All button. Please note that this cannot be undone.

To delete your history on MyFitnessPal, simply go to the “Profile” tab and scroll down to the “Delete Data” button. Once you click this button, your entire history will be erased.