How do i cancel audiobooks app?

To cancel your Audiobooks App subscription, follow the steps below. If you have any questions or need more help, feel free to contact us.

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer support for the Audiobooks app.

How do I cancel audiobooks on my iPhone?

If you need to cancel a subscription, you can do so from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Just follow these steps:

Open the Settings app on your device
Tap your name
Tap Subscriptions (If you don’t see “Subscriptions,” tap “iTunes & App Stores” instead
Tap the subscription that you want to manage
Tap Cancel Subscription

If you want to cancel Audiobookscom, you can do it online via the website on laptop or desktop computer. This is also available via Customer Service team at 1-855-876-6195 between 9am – 8pm EST, Monday to Friday.

How do I delete audiobooks from Audiobooks app

App Step 1 launch the audible app on your Apple or Android mobile Device Step 2 tap my library in the bottom navigation and then tap the “Listen Now” tab on top 3 under “Downloaded” find and tap the title you’d like to listen to 4 the narration will start automatically

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

You cannot cancel a subscription from the Audible phone or tablet app. You must go to the website and cancel it from there.

Why can’t I delete audiobooks from my iPhone?

To remove audiobooks from your iPhone using the iTunes app, first click on the “Books” option. Then, since all items have a checked box to the left, uncheck the boxes next to the audiobooks you wish to delete. Finally, to remove all audiobooks from the device, click on the “Sync Audiobooks” check box to uncheck all audiobooks.

Audiobooks are a great way to keep entertained while on the go. With your iPhone, you can easily find and purchase audiobooks to keep you entertained while on your commute or during down time.

To find and buy audiobooks on your iPhone:

1. Tap Audiobooks at the bottom of the screen.

2. From here, you can explore new and featured audiobooks.

3. If you want to browse genres and book store sections, tap Browse Sections at the top of the screen.

4. If you want to find a specific audiobook, tap Search at the bottom of the do i cancel audiobooks app_1

Is it easy to cancel audiobook?


To cancel your Audible membership, please follow the instructions below:

Navigate to the Audiblecom website and click “Account Details”
Log in using your current account information
Underneath the textbox with your active subscription details, click “Cancel membership”
You’ll confirm the Audible account you’re canceling.

To cancel a purchase or subscription on a Mac, start by opening the App Store app. Click your name in the top right corner, and then click Account Settings. Scroll down to Subscriptions, and click Manage. Find the subscription you want to cancel, and click Edit. Finally, click Cancel Subscription.

How do I unsubscribe from Audible

I have decided to cancel my Audible membership. I have found that I no longer use it enough to justify the monthly cost. I would like to thank Audible for the time I have had with the service and I may rejoin in the future if my listening habits change.

You can delete your payment method by going to and tapping on Delete Card next to the card you want to delete. You may be prompted to confirm deleting by tapping Confirm Remove Payment Method.

Why can’t I permanently delete Books from iBooks?

Apple’s policy will not allow you to delete purchase history, but you can hide books in iBooks with the iCould badge. Tap “All Books” right above the My Books page to make them disappear from your sight.

It’s easy to manage your subscriptions on Google Play. Just follow the steps below:

1. On your Android device, go to your subscriptions in Google Play.

2. Select the subscription you want to cancel.

3. Tap Cancel subscription.

4. Follow the instructions.

How do I close Audible on my phone

To sign out of KnowledgeTap, go to your profile at the bottom right corner and tap the settings gear icon at the top right corner. Then scroll down and tap Sign Out.

Open the App Library by swiping right from your Home Screen.
Find the app you want to delete in the App Library.
Touch and hold the app.
Tap Delete App.
Tap Delete.

Why can’t I delete audiobooks app from my Apple Watch?

If you want to delete an app from your Watch, you need to do it from your iPhone. Tap and hold on the app icon until it starts wiggling, then tap the “x” to delete it. You can’t delete built-in apps from Apple, but you can remove third-party apps from the Watch app on your iPhone.

From your Home Screen, swipe left until you see the App Library. Your apps are automatically sorted into categories.

To delete an app from the App Library, go to the App Library and tap the search field to open the list. Touch and hold the app icon, then tap Delete App. Tap Delete again to do i cancel audiobooks app_2

Where do I find my audiobooks on my phone

If you’re an avid reader, there’s a good chance you’re always on the lookout for new books to add to your collection. And if you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your favorite novels, you may be interested in audiobooks. Audiobooks are a great way to “read” while you’re doing other things, like commuting or working out. And luckily, there are a few different ways to buy and download audiobooks on your Android device.

One way to purchase audiobooks is through the Google Play Store. To do this, simply open the Google Play Books app and search for the audiobook you’re interested in. Once you’ve found it, tap on the cover image and then tap on the price. After that, you can hit the “Buy Audiobook” button and the book will start downloading to your device.

Another option for buying audiobooks is through Audible, which is owned by Amazon. To buy an audiobook from Audible, you’ll need to sign up for a free account and then browse the selection of books available. Once you’ve found one you want to buy, just tap on the “Buy with 1-Click” button and the book will start downloading to your Android

Audiobooks are a great way to listen to your favorite books on the go! With the Books app, you can easily find and purchase audiobooks to download and listen to. Simply open the app and tap on the Audiobooks tab at the bottom. From here, you can browse new and featured audiobooks, or tap on Browse Sections to find specific genres or sections of the store. With audiobooks, you can keep up with your reading no matter where you are!


There is no Audiobooks app to cancel.

Audiobooks app can be cancelled by going to the settings on your device, selecting the app, and then selecting cancel.