Does msp delete accounts?

No, MSP does not delete accounts. However, if an account is inactive for more than 12 months, the account may be purged from the system.

No, msp does not delete accounts.

Did MovieStarPlanet delete old users?

Thank you for your support of our game! We appreciate your investment in our VIP program and can assure you that your account will not be deleted for inactivity. We may periodically clean up inactive accounts, but this will only affect players who have not logged in for several months and who are very low level. Thank you again for your support!


I am writing to request assistance with my MovieStarPlanet account. I believe my account may have been hacked, and I would like to reset my password. I have included any relevant information and receipts below. I would appreciate any assistance the staff can provide. Thank you.

How do I recover my MSP username

If you have forgotten your username, you can enter your email address to receive it.

If you’re trying to connect to the US domain of MovieStarPlanet, please make sure you select the correct flag on the downloadable or the app. Different domains for each country are available, each in its own language.

Is MovieStarPlanet still active?

Hi everyone,

We just wanted to let you know that we are continuing to work on new themes and updates for MovieStarPlanet, while also working on MovieStarPlanet 2. We are also still developing BlockStarPlanet, so there are plenty of new things to look forward to!

Thanks for your continued support!

Pumpchkin was a deleted user on MovieStarPlanet (US). She was level 101 (Lifetime Movie Star) and had been inactive for several years, although hackers had been able to access her account for nefarious reasons. This eventually led to her account’s deletion in May 2020.does msp delete accounts_1

How do I get my MSP account back without email?

If you need to retrieve your account and you don’t have any email connected to it, or you can’t access your email at the moment, you will have to write to customer support. Include your username, the level of your account, and the MSP receipt (or any other document) of the last purchase made.

An MSP can provide great benefits to a business, delivering services that are reliable and cost-effective. However, it’s important to partner with a reputable and experienced MSP in order to get the most out of the relationship.

How do you delete your old MSP status

ServiceDesk Plus MSP is a powerful and intuitive service management application that enables you to streamline your support operations. You can login to the application using your user name and password. In the Change Status list page, you can click on the on-hover delete icon to delete a status. Click Delete button to confirm the deletion. Click OK to proceed with the deletion.


Your MSP account number is listed on the top of your invoice. You can use this number to log in to the MSP Portal and view your account information.


Can I change my MSP username?

We understand that you may be attached to your current username, but for safety reasons we cannot offer to change it. Please feel free to create a new account and start the wonderful adventure all over again with another super cool username of your choice. Thank you for understanding.

If you forgot your Gmail username, you can recover it by visiting the Gmail username recovery page and entering your recovery email address. You’ll then need to type the letters in the distorted picture in the appropriate field and click Submit. A list of any usernames associated with that recovery email address will be sent to the address you provided.

How do you get free VIP on MSP2

Congratulations! You are now a VIP in Movie Town! As a VIP, you will enjoy free access to all of the exclusive features and benefits that Movie Town has to offer. To maintain your VIP status, simply continue to compete in the weekly Competition and remain one of the top-ranked players. Thank you for choosing Movie Town as your go-to destination for movie trivia and entertainment!

If you want to login to your MovieStarPlanet or BlockStarPlanet account, you can click on the “Log in” link that is located on the bottom right-hand side of the character selection screen. You will be asked to enter your username and password in order to login to your account.

What do I do if I forgot my MovieStarPlanet password?

Yes, I have already connected my email to my BlockStarPlanet account. If I ever forget my password, I can click “Forgot Password?” on the front page. BlockStarPlanet will then send me an email with a link to update my password. However, I should never use the same password more than once.

MovieStarPlanet is an online social game where users can create their own movie star avatars, interact with other users, and participate in movie-making and other creative activities. The game is popular with tweens and teens and has been described as “safe, creative fun.”does msp delete accounts_2

Can adults play MSP

Adult Participation

Many of our users have been active members of the MovieStarPlanet online community for may years and continue to be active on the game when they reach adulthood. Therefore, adults over the age of 18 can engage with the games, but must abide with the rules. Please see the rules below.

It is important to be aware of the dangers of social gaming platforms like MovieStarPlanet. Many of the players that claim to have been hacked have actually just given out their passwords and then lied about it. MovieStarPlanet is a very secure platform and hacking doesn’t just happen. Be sure to keep your password safe and never give it out to anyone.

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There is no specific answer to this question since it varies depending on the policies of the individual MSP. Some MSPs may delete accounts after a period of inactivity, while others may keep accounts open indefinitely. It is best to contact your MSP directly to ask about their policy on account deletion.

No, MSP does not delete accounts.