Does bumble show inactive profiles?

There are many reasons why someone might want to hide their profile on a dating app like Bumble. Maybe they’ve found a partner and are no longer active on the app, or maybe they’re just taking a break from dating. However, it’s possible that Bumble is still showing inactive profiles to potential matches. This can be frustrating for users who are looking for active profiles to swipe on. If you’re wondering whether or not Bumble shows inactive profiles, the answer is complicated. While Bumble may not explicitly say that inactive profiles are shown, there are some indications that this is the case. For example, Bumble may still show users who haven’t logged in for a while as potential matches. Additionally, Bumble may show users who have been inactive for a long time as potential matches. If you’re looking for active profiles on Bumble, it’s best to set your search filters to only show users who are currently active.

There is no certain answer to this question as Bumble does not release information on inactive profiles. It is possible that inactive profiles are shown to some users and not to others, or that they are shown for a limited amount of time after a user becomes inactive. If you are concerned about someone you are matched with on Bumble appearing to be inactive, you can always reach out to customer service and inquire about their account status.

Does Bumble only show active profiles?

Bumble is a dating app that requires women to make the first move. It has been advertised as a feminist dating app that creates a level playing field for men and women.

However, it seems that the app may not be as egalitarian as it claims to be. A Bumble representative recently said that there is no way to tell if someone is currently active on the app. This means that users could be seeing inactive profiles, which defeats the purpose of the app.

It is unclear why Bumble has not implemented a way to show which users are currently active. It is possible that they do not want to encourage stalking or harassment. However, this feature would be useful for users who want to know if they are wasting their time messaging someone who is no longer using the app.

If you’re not active on Bumble, your profile will eventually be hidden from potential matches. To delete your Bumble account for good, you’ll need to go to your profile settings and scroll to the bottom of the page, where you’ll see the delete option.

How long does it take for your profile to disappear on Bumble


I would like to request that my account be deleted or erased. I understand that this process can take up to 30 days to be completed, and that it will require your team to verify my identity to confirm that I am the account owner and have a right to make such a request.

Thank you,
[Your name]

If you stop using your profile for 30 days, it will become inactive. However, your profile will not be removed due to inactivity.

Why do some profiles disappear on Bumble?

If you are having trouble locating a conversation it could be that your match has deleted their account or has been blocked on Bumble. Some deleted accounts will still remain in your conversations list as “Deleted user” for a short period of time.

If you want your location to be updated while using the Bumble app, you will need to keep the app open and running. Your location will not update if the app is running in the background. However, if you want your location to always be updated, you will need to keep the app open and running in the background.does bumble show inactive profiles_1

How can you tell if someone’s Bumble is snoozed?

Bumble snooze is a feature that allows users to temporarily stop interacting with other users on the app. If someone you’re interested in is snoozing, you won’t be able to message them or see their profile. The only way to know if someone’s Bumble snooze is active is if they tell you directly, or if you stop receiving notifications from them.

Once you’ve matched with someone, you have 24 hours to send them a message or the match expires. If they don’t respond within 24 hours, the match also expires. In same-sex matches, either person is encouraged to make the first move within 24 hours.

How do you know if someone deleted you on Bumble

If you’re in a conversation with someone you think unmatched you, look for greyed-out chats at the bottom of the list. Any chats that are greyed out mean the other person has unmatched you. Check your “Match Queue” for the missing profiles. The profiles that are missing are those that have unmatched you.

This is because Bumble will show you the distance of the profile from the last time, they logged in. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the person was active recently, it could just mean that they haven’t logged out of the app in a while.

How do I not appear active on Bumble?

Snooze Mode allows you to temporarily hide your profile from potential matches on Bumble. This can be useful if you need a break from dating or if you want to focus on other aspects of your life. Your connections and chats will not be lost during this time.

Bumble is a social networking app that allows users to connect with new people in their area. The app is designed to help users make new connections with people in their area. Currently, the app does not have the option to search for specific people.

What does it mean if the same person keeps showing up on Bumble

We show our users profiles that they have already left swiped on, just incase they changed their mind or made a mistake. Hence why you may also be shown users who may have swiped left on you in the past incase they would like to swipe right you the 2nd time around! I hope this helps.

If you see a silver circle next to a match’s name, that means their membership has lapsed and they are no longer able to message you.

Can you lie about your location on Bumble?

Location services are a necessary part of the Bumble experience. However, we understand that some users may not want to share their location. Both Android and iOS devices have the ability to turn off location services for Bumble (and other apps) in the device’s settings. Once location services are turned off, Bumble will not be able to locate you and you will not be able to use the app.

If you’re not looking for a relationship or just need some time to yourself, Snooze Mode on Bumble is a great way to take a break from dating. Your matches won’t know you’re on Snooze Mode unless you tell them, so you can take all the time you need without having to worry about being ghosted.does bumble show inactive profiles_2

Can someone still respond but be on snooze mode on Bumble

If you’re not looking to swipe or match with anyone new, you can put your account on Snooze. Your profile will be hidden in the swipe deck for all users, but you can still chat with your existing matches. This is a great way to take a break from dating without losing your connections.

You can use the snooze feature to temporarily stop seeing posts from someone in your feed. Note that the person whose posts you’re snoozing won’t be notified that you’ve done this.

Final Words

Bumble does not show inactive profiles. If a user has been inactive for a while, their profile will be removed from the app.

No, bumble does not show inactive profiles.