Can you delete someone elses instagram?

Instagram is a popular photo sharing app that allows users to share photos and videos with their followers. However, there is no way to delete someone else’s Instagram account. If you want to remove someone from your own account, you can block them.

No, you can’t delete someone else’s Instagram.

How do you report a Instagram account and get it deleted?

To report someone on Instagram:

If you want to remove an account from Instagram, open the app on your iPhone or Android. Tap the down arrow next to your Instagram username at the top of the screen. Select the account that you want to remove from the drop-down list. Tap the three lines in the top-right corner.

Can we delete other Instagram account

To remove an Instagram account from your Android device:

1. Tap in the top right, then tap Settings

2. Tap Login info

3. Tap next to the account you want to remove

4. Tap Remove

If you want to delete your old Instagram account, you can do so by using your mobile number. On the login page, tap “Forgot Password” and enter your phone number. Instagram will send a login link to your inbox, which you can use to reset your password. Once you’ve reset your password, visit the “delete your account” page and delete your account.

How many reports does it take for an Instagram account to get deleted?

Yes, Instagram will inform you first before deleting your account. If you violate the terms and conditions of Instagram, your account will be deleted.

If you find a piece of content on Instagram that you believe violates our Community Guidelines, you can report it to us. We will review the content and take appropriate action, which may include hiding or removing the content.can you delete someone elses instagram_1

How do you delete a fake Instagram account?

If you come across a fake profile or account that is impersonating you or your brand, you can follow the steps above to report it to Facebook. Once you have reported the account, Facebook will investigate and take appropriate action.

There are many people who have multiple Instagram accounts for various reasons. Some people use multiple accounts for personal use, while others use them for business purposes. There are a few different ways you can check to see if someone has multiple Instagram accounts.

Method #1:

One way to check if someone has multiple Instagram accounts is to simply search for their username on the app. If there are multiple accounts that come up in the search results, then that person most likely has more than one Instagram account.

Step #1:

To search for someone on Instagram, log into your account and then enter the person’s username into the search bar.

Step #2:

Once you select the Search option, a dropdown menu will appear, listing all accounts matching the specified username. If there are multiple accounts listed, then that person has multiple Instagram accounts.

Is it allowed to have 2 Instagram accounts

Yes, you can have multiple Instagram accounts! You can now add up to five accounts and quickly switch between them without having to log out and log back in. This feature is included in version 715 and above for iOS and Android and will work on any Instagram app using that software.

Based on the screenshot from Instagram, it appears that accounts which are inactive for 90 days are eligible for deletion. However, it seems that Instagram rarely delete accounts that quickly and instead encourage their users to login and use the platform every once in a while to avoid the risk of having their account deleted.

How to get into an old Instagram account without password or email?

If you have forgotten your Instagram password, you can reset it by tapping the “Forgot password” link on the login screen. Enter your Instagram username or phone number, then tap “Send login link.” If you have previously linked your Instagram and Facebook accounts, you can reset your password using your Facebook account by tapping “Reset using Facebook.”

Yes, Instagram saves your account information for some time after your account is deactivated. And if the law asks for that information because of some cybercrimes done through this account, Instagram will release that account information to the law.

Can you see who reported you on Instagram

Remember that your report is anonymous, unless you are reporting an intellectual property infringement. The account you reported will not be able to see who reported them.

If you’re looking to have an Instagram account deleted, you may only need to submit one report, according to Reddit. In a recent thread, users claimed that their accounts were successfully deleted after only one report was filed. However, it’s unclear if this is a new policy or if it’s just a matter of luck. Either way, it’s worth a shot if you’re trying to get rid of an unwanted account.

How fast does Instagram respond to reports?

If you would like Instagram to take another look at your content, please let us know and we will review it again. Usually, we can get to it within 24 hours.

It’s important to note that Instagram doesn’t have a rule about termination based on a number of reports. In fact, if Instagram believes an account is in violation of its policies, they have the right to disable the account based on a single complaint! This means that if you’re concerned about an account and think it may be in violation of Instagram’s policies, it’s best to report it as soon as possible.can you delete someone elses instagram_2

Can a fake Instagram account be traced

If you are worried that someone may have created a fake Instagram account in your name, you can rest assured that the police will be able to trace the account and determine who is behind it. This is because Instagram records IP addresses and other information for every session someone logs in to their account. When requested, Instagram will share this information with law enforcement agencies (LEAs), including the police. So if you believe that you are the victim of identity theft or any other crime, you should definitely contact the police and let them know.

If you create a fake account on a social media platform and use it to cheat others by appropriating their personal information or by using made-up personal details, you can be held liable under Section 416 of the Indian Penal Code. This section deals with cheating by personation, and you can be punished with imprisonment for up to three years or with a fine, or with both.


No, you cannot delete someone else’s Instagram account.

It’s not possible to delete someone else’s Instagram account, even if you have their password. Only the account owner can delete their own account. If you’re trying to delete someone’s Instagram account because they’re harassing you, you can report them to Instagram.