Can tinder delete your account?

If you’re wondering whether Tinder can delete your account, the answer is yes – but only under certain circumstances. Tinder may delete your account if you violate their Terms of Service, if you’re inactive for a long period of time, or if you request it.

Yes, Tinder can delete your account if it deems that you have violated its terms of service.

Why did Tinder delete my account?

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been banned from Tinder. We take violations of our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines very seriously and want to create a welcoming and safe space for all. We hope you understand and respect our decision.

If you are not active on Tinder for more than 7 days, your account will not be visible at all. If you delete your account, your profile will be removed completely. If you download the app and create a new account, you will now be starting from scratch.

How long does it take for Tinder to delete your account

If you have an inactive account on Tinder for more than 7 days, your profile will stop showing. However, Tinder will hold on to your data for another three months, according to their privacy policy.

If you believe that you were mistakenly banned from your account, you can reach out to customer service in order to have them review your case and potentially unban your account. To do so, you will need to select “Trouble with account login” and then “Can’t login, my account was banned” when prompted. From there, you will enter in your information and provide a description of why you believe the ban was a mistake. Customer service will then review your case and determine if they can unban your account.

Can I make a new Tinder account after being banned?

If you’ve been banned on Tinder, you may be out of luck. The app has started device banning users, which means that if you try to create a new account on the same device, it will be automatically banned. So, getting a new SIM or reinstalling the app won’t work.

A Tinder ban is usually permanent unless you have been banned for pretending to be 18 when in fact you’re just 17 at the moment. If you want to use Tinder again, then first you have to stop doing what you did to get banned.can tinder delete your account_1

How do I recover my deleted Tinder account?

If you can’t sign into your account because your phone number has changed, you can use account recovery to regain access. To do so, open the Tinder app or visit, select “Log In,” and then select “Trouble Logging In?” Enter your email address, so that we can email you a link to log in. Once you receive the email, select “Log In.”

If you have been reported multiple times by other users, your profile will be put under review. We will look for any violations of our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines. If your profile has not violated any of our policies, you will be allowed back in.

Why is my Tinder profile hidden

If you want to turn off your Discovery settings so that you’re not shown to other users on Tinder, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Tap the profile icon
2. Go to Settings
3. Scroll down to Discovery
4. Find Show me on Tinder.

Tap the switch next to Show me on Tinder so that it’s turned off. This will make sure you’re not shown to other users on the app.

If you think you’ve been shadowbanned on Tinder, it means you’re being prevented from reaching new users on the app. This can happen if you violate Tinder’s community guidelines in some way. Even though you can still access the app and everything appears normal, other users won’t be able to see your profile, making it nearly impossible to get new matches. If you think you may have been shadowbanned, reach out to Tinder’s support team to investigate.

Do inactive Tinder accounts still show up?

There are a few things to keep in mind about inactive profiles on dating apps. First, they are not deleted and can still show up as potential matches. This is more likely to happen if the person swiping has exhausted many matches or if their search criteria is similar to that of the inactive person. Second, even though these profiles are inactive, they can still provide valuable information about someone’s preferences and interests. Finally, if you come across an inactive profile, it’s best to just move on and give it a swipe left.

If you’re looking to continue using Tinder despite having your device banned, FelixMerchant store offers a verification service that will help you create an account on the banned device. Their support team will be able to assist you through the process and help get you back on Tinder in no time.

How do I get around Tinder device ban

If you’re looking to start fresh on Tinder, here’s a guide on how to do a hard reset. Delete your old account, create a new email and use new photos that haven’t been used before. This should give you a clean slate to start with and increase your chances of getting more matches.

We want to make sure that Tinder is a welcoming and safe space for all users and we take violations of our policies very seriously. That’s why we have a lifetime ban in place for users who violate our policies and why we don’t offer an appeals process. We want to make sure that everyone has a positive and safe experience on our app.

What gets you banned on Tinder?

Tinder takes the privacy of its users very seriously and will not tolerate any attempts to fraudulently or illegally obtain private information from other users. Any user caught sharing their own financial account information (PayPal, Venmo, etc) for the purpose of receiving money from other users will also be banned from Tinder.

If you’re flagged for review on Tinder, it usually means that someone has reported you for something. After that, it depends on the guidelines set by Tinder as to what happens next. They more than likely have someone look at your profile to see if there’s anything that breaks their guidelines, since Tinder is so huge they probably don’t have a problem with hiring enough admins to deal with it.can tinder delete your account_2

What does a Tinder shadowban look like

It’s frustrating when you’re trying to use a dating app and you can see all the profiles you want, but you can’t match with any of them because you’re shadowbanned. It’s like a normal ban, but you’re still able to access the app and you’re not aware that you’re banned. With a normal ban, you’re completely shut out.

If any of the above are true for you, there is a possibility that you have been shadowbanned. To test for sure, try asking a friend to look at your profile from their account. If they can see your profile, then you have not been shadowbanned.

Warp Up

Tinder cannot delete your account on your behalf, but you can delete your account by following these steps:

1. Log in to your Tinder account

2. Tap the Profile icon at the top of the main screen

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap Delete Account

4. Enter your password to confirm

5. Tap Delete Account

Your account will now be deleted.

Yes, Tinder can delete your account if you violate their terms of service. If you created an account with fake information, your account will be deleted. If you spam other users, your account will be deleted.