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  • 10 Tips to Get Repeat Visitors to your Website
    By on March 27th, 2010 | 5 Comments5 Comments Comments
    10 Tips to Get Repeat Visitors to your Website
    Getting traffic to your website is hard work and can be expensive. So it’s cost-effective to get repeat visitors not only first time visitors. Getting repeat visitors is all about giving value to your visitors. You need to give them what they ask for, what they are searching for, and then dazzle them when they get to you. That way, they will come back for more time and again. So how can you please your visitors so they return to your site? Here are my top ten suggestions. Some of these overlap with how to encourage visitors to tell others about your site, so increasing your traffic that ...
  • How to Get 95% of Your Clients from Internet Marketin...
    By on February 20th, 2010 | 5 Comments5 Comments Comments
    How to Get 95% of Your Clients from Internet Marketing
    I’ve had an online business since 1999, and I started it from my rural, East Texas hometown where the reigning industries are bass fishing, forestry and timber, banking, and education, none of which are markets in which I have any interest in working. So, what’s a new online biz owner to do when she lives on the backside of nowhere with nary a business networking opportunity in sight? Take advantage of the power of Internet marketing, of course. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize right away the power I had at my fingertips, and I was a slow adopter of a number of proven...
  • How to Get More Free Traffic
    By on January 10th, 2010 | 9 Comments9 Comments Comments
    How to Get More Free Traffic
    One of the biggest reasons why people fail to make money online is that they are unable to generate enough free traffic to get the ball rolling. Adsense and other forms of advertising can soon clean out ones pockets if the conversion rates are not high enough to cover the expenses. What a lot of aspiring online marketers don’t know is that there are lots of free ways to get traffic. Some may take more effort than others, and some may be more effective, but in the end they can all work together to bring lots of free traffic to any site in any niche or market. The best kind of free traffic...
  • Market Your Website and Get Traffic
    By on December 19th, 2009 | 10 Comments10 Comments Comments
    Market Your Website and Get Traffic
    Important reason you build your website and try all the best way to optimize and market it, just for get more traffic, real visitor or subscriber, or simple increase your sale … For market your website, you can going to Google and find with keyword ” how to market your website “. I sure you will get a lot of results, but not almost it’s useful because it’s old. There are few useful tips for today and you should read it and maybe try it and get success. 1. Article Marketing Is it old way ? Yes, but it’s still useful and can give you back more than 500 unique ...
  • Great Way to Get High Page Rank Backlinks
    By on November 18th, 2009 | 76 Comments76 Comments Comments
    Great Way to Get High Page Rank Backlinks
    Many people take a lot of their time to building backlinks for their website and blog to make money or just increase backlinks and page rank. Some people do it by themselves, some was rent a seo company to do, but final purpose is get a lot of quality backlinks. If you looking for concept and get answer for question : Which ways to build backlink ? Read it : 8 ways to build backlinks , I just publish some day ago. Now, I will tell you a good way to get high page rank backlinks from homepage of wordpress blog. Did you know Top Commentators Widget wordpress plugin ? It help blogger show top of c...
  • 7 Tricks to Get a Google of Links
    By on October 21st, 2009 | 7 Comments7 Comments Comments
    7 Tricks to Get a Google of Links
    SEO is a race. And in any race learning from your competitors makes you a better runner. Even when youre running first its sometimes good to look back and check the runner-ups. And if youre not the yellow jersey guy, you absolutely should examine the leaders: their gear, their training, their strategy. In SEO the most interesting thing about your competition are their links. Whether you like it or not SEO is still pretty much about links. Good link profile can make up for almost any lack of optimized content and other on page flaws. Love or hate, the best thing you can do about it is embrace t...
  • Can Duplicate Content Still Get Ranked ?
    By on August 19th, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments Comments
    Can Duplicate Content Still Get Ranked ?
    Can Duplicate Content Still Get Ranked ? Does Google still rank duplicate content? How about the other search engines? With all the talk of duplicate content and penalties and such and such, youd think the search engines would have just stopped ranking it completely. But they havent. And all the evidence you really need that they havent is Googles recent (within the past 6 months) announcement of a new recognized tag – the canonical URL tag. The canonical tag – attribute, if you will – is a relationship attribute that you can append to your URLs so that Google knows which one...
  • Blogger Success – Get More Comments On Your Blo...
    By on August 14th, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments Comments
    Blogger Success – Get More Comments On Your Blog
    One of the things that people seem to realise when they click on my blog is that I receive a lot of comments on my posts. I often get asked why that is, and now Im releasing an ebook ( written by TEENIUS ) with all the tricks I use to get the maximum amount of comments on my blogs. You can find the download link below. Some of the things mentioned in the book are:Using WordPress plugins effectively to gain more commentsHow to reward commentators so they feel more obliged to returnWriting articles for maximum commentsMuch more!You can download this ebook at here with direct lin...
  • 50 Tips to get Traffic
    By on August 8th, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments Comments
    50 Tips to get Traffic
    Want more traffic to your site ? First of all I would thank you for visiting this hub.This hub is all about fifty different techniques that would help you bring more traffic to your site and blog. I have been doing a research on this topic and this hub has all the tricks that I have gathered during my 2 years of research.Here you would find some exciting and result giving startegies. Fifty tricks to bring traffic : * High quality unique content : Try to have good quality unique content.This is the main factor that would help you get more traffic. This means dont copy other site’s content...
  • [Small Tips] Filter Backlinks You Should Get
    By on June 15th, 2009 | 6 Comments6 Comments Comments
    [Small Tips] Filter Backlinks You Should Get
    Come to SEO and want SEO is a yourself Job, you should understand How is Important of Backlink . But have you know what is Relevant Backlink and How to get it ? This is just small tips, not a long article to talking about something, i just want to tell you a secret of sites good for linking :The linked site should have quality Content High PR site would be more valuable for linking Old sites are also good for linking as they are more reliable for long term partnership in comparison of new ones. The linked site must be to your theme related .org, .edu sites gives more benefit than other domai...