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Dead Links Kill Your Traffic

  • Online business owners know what links are and how important they are.  A link is a portal to your site that may come from your own site or an outside source.  Links help visitors find their way to your site and navigate through your pages.

    You can almost think of your links as your website’s roads.  When one of those links is “dead” or “broken”, traffic cannot get through.  The road is closed.

    If you’ve ever driven on a road for a long time, and right before you get to your destination, you realize the road is closed, you know how frustrating it can be.

    Your website visitors experience the same frustration when trying to navigate their way through broken links.

    In most cases, they won’t try to find an alternate route; they’ll simply click away from the site and find the information they are looking for elsewhere.

    Dead links are a common problem on the internet and can happen naturally over time.  If a website owner regularly checks them and fixes broken links as they occur, they shouldn’t see any problems with traffic.

    Problems can occur when dead links build up and become out of control.  As stated above, when a website visitor cannot get to the information they want, they’ll click away out of frustration.

    If the majority of a website’s visitors are experiencing that frustration, it is easy to see that the website’s traffic will go down dramatically.

    A website owner can check their links for free by using a link-check service, which are available quite readily online. A good one to use is found at here.

    With this service, you type in the URL of a page on your site and the checker will scan all the links on it, automatically checking to see if the links are good or bad.  Within a few seconds, you will see the results on your screen.  Each link will be displayed with the word “good” or “bad” next to it.

    If a site is built with an HTML editor such as FrontPage or DreamWeaver, consult the software for easy ways to fix broken links.

    For those using WordPress to build their sites, a plug-in is available that can remove and fix these links.  The plug-in is found here.

    Dead links can be a common problem among website owners but they don’t have to take your traffic away.  By routinely checking your site and making repairs, your site will have a clear “road system” to help your traffic get to where it wants to go.

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