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  • Getting started with AJAX using PHP : Tutorial
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    Getting started with AJAX using PHP : Tutorial
    AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. Any server side technology that supports JavaScript also supports AJAX. AJAX is a browser technology, and is therefore independent of web server platforms. In this article we will learn about what AJAX is, how it works, and how can we use AJAX with PHP. Please remember, AJAX is not a programming language, so you dont have to learn any new technology. AJAX can be implemented by using existing standards (JavaScript and XML) in a different way. If we are using PHP or any server side technology and need to extract data from storage on a server (eg a...
  • Introducing Asynchronous Java Script and XML (Ajax) i...
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    Introducing Asynchronous Java Script and XML (Ajax) in ASP.NET
    One of the most important challenges web application developers face is the requirement for a fast and responsive user interface. AJAX was primary designed and developed with the intent of providing a fast and responsive user interface to address these challenges. According to Enrich Peterson, AJAX-enabled pages provide a slick, responsive user experience, making web-based applications function more like desktop-based ones. This article guides the reader through this new technology, its features, benefits and applicability in web application development. This is the first in the series of arti...
  • Simple Ajax Address Book
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    Simple Ajax Address Book
    Please Choose a Person Choose Someone Bob Smith Janet JonesAs you can see, we have a simple form with a select, from which to choose a person. Again, we are providing a fallback action for the form, in case our JavaScript cannot run. Below the form, we have a simple pre element that will be displaying the address information from the database. And now for the JavaScript. Basically, we will be commandeering the select and using its onchange event handler to trigger an XMLHttpRequest() call to obtain the address information for the selected individual. The server will be returning this info...
  • Getting Started with Ajax
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    Getting Started with Ajax
    The start of 2005 saw the rise of a relatively new technology, dubbed Ajax by Jesse James Garrett of Adaptive Path. Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. In a nutshell, it is the use of the nonstandard XMLHttpRequest() object to communicate with server-side scripts. It can send as well as receive information in a variety of formats, including XML, HTML, and even text files. Ajaxs most appealing characteristic, however, is its asynchronous nature, which means it can do all of this without having to refresh the page. This allows you to update portions of a page based upon user events ...
  • Ajax Alternatives
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    Ajax Alternatives
    Its difficult to claim perfection in anything, even Ajax. While Ajax has enhanced the web experience for many users, and there is not shortage of people constantly praising its merits, it is perhaps no longer the newest standard. Sure, it allows relatively easy integration of interactive elements in web pages, but is it really all that powerful and versatile as is often claimed? There are three major standards for the development of Rich Internet Applications: Ajax, Java, and Flash. None of these are perfect solutions, but each has its own advantages over the others. This is where the choice c...
  • How to create a form in a simple click
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    How to create a form in a simple click
    It is very difficult to create a form, at least for people who have no knowledge about programming. There is a web site which proposes for those people to create a form in a very easy way. You just have to go to this site , create an account (it s free totally) and after log in just choose one of the assistants to create your own form. You can configure totally your form and the application is very simple and easy to use. The bad point is that the generated code is not very clean for some form but what is the most important point, that we get the good result. Tweet ...
  • Securing ajax request
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    Securing ajax request
    Secure your request is very important since it will prevent someone to steal or to get in your datas. Following a way to do it. You have to be able to generate a secure key from the server and after to affect the key the following code : $_SESSION[Env_UserSession][AjaxKey] = $key_sec From the customer side, the key should be available via javascript and it can be a source of an hidden string. During the ajax request, get back the key and to transmit it to the ajax parameters. When the request is launched, you have to control from the server that the key exists and to verify it with the one sav...
  • Ajax for Expression Web
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    Ajax for Expression Web
    If you are using Expression Web for your site in ASP.NET, may be you encounter with one of those problems, it doesnt work with custom controls in the toolbox or custom controls dont display and you get an error like unknown server tag ajaxtoolkit error message !!! To solve this issue, you have to install the assembly in the GAC by typing this following command in the NET console : gacutil i nom_assembly.dll After go to the ajaxcontroltoolkit properties to get the version and the public key token and in the aspx pages, you have to make a reference of both information by using the full name of t...
  • Establishing a Employee Wellness Program
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    Establishing a Employee Wellness Program
    The workplace environment is a effective, but often overlooked, element in managing staff member health. Here we will identify some of the best-practices in starting a Employee Wellness Program that supports your organizations employee health strategy and allows staff members to take charge of their own health. For example, a Employee Wellness Program that includes a tobacco-free workplace policy increases the likelihood that staff members will try to quit smoking and will quit using tobacco successfully. Similarly, a Employee Wellness Program that includes discounting healthy foods in your ca...
  • Merits of Ajax
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    Merits of Ajax
    In many cases, the pages on a website consist of much content that is common between them. Using traditional methods, that content would have to be reloaded on every request. However, using Ajax, a web application can request only the content that needs to be updated, thus drastically reducing bandwidth usage and load time. The use of asynchronous requests allows the clients Web browser UI to be more interactive and to respond quickly to inputs, and sections of pages can also be reloaded individually. Users may perceive the application to be faster or more responsive, even if the application h...