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  • Keeping it Clean: Virus Removal Basics
    By on January 14th, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments
    Keeping it Clean: Virus Removal Basics
    Youll be angry that you fell victim, and may feel helpless because of your lack of knowledge about virus removal or pc repair. But dont worry – youre not alone! Unfortunately, youre actually part of a club of tens of thousands of people who feel the same way every day! According to AVG, virus protection usually doesnt detect adware or spyware both of which can wreak havoc on a computer. Thousands of people each day are infected with malicious programs! Worry no longer and stop feeling helpless because this guide is a basic computer virus repair guide that will help you identify and remov...
  • Computer Firewall, Why you need to have Firewall Syst...
    By on January 14th, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments
    Computer Firewall, Why you need to have Firewall System to Your Computer
    Your home Internet connection leaves you vulnerable to hackers who want to access your financial and personal information.hackers can send malicious viruses and worms, blackening to your computer. Intruders have the power to destroy your operating system or gather you data. How can you lock that computer to hackers but still have the freedom to do your business online? A solid firewall help you to stop intruders from accessing to your computer. You keep your Internet link to the outside world but the outside world can’t view you unless you want allow to them. With a firewall in place y...
  • Are They Watching You Online?
    By on January 14th, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments
    Are They Watching You Online?
    Tapping phones, listening to confidential conversations, reading others’ e-mail messages seems like something that only happens in spy movies to “other” people. However, you probably don’t realize just how much information about yourself has the potential to get transmitted across the Internet every time you go online. Every computer connected to the Internet has “ports” that allow it to connect. A “port” doesn’t mean you have a physical hole or opening in your computer’s case or hardware, but it does mean you have openings through w...
  • How to Avoid Getting Ripped-Off Online
    By on January 14th, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments
    How to Avoid Getting Ripped-Off Online
    Online security is one of the top catch phrases these days, but hardly anybody knows what it means and worse, most home computer users think security only applies to corporations and online businesses. Most people think online security means simply protecting your credit card data from fraud and theft, but it actually goes way beyond that. The potential for mayhem and just plain disruption of your life doesn’t just mean credit card fraud – it can mean having your identity stolen, your life disrupted and spending hours cleaning up after an online ‘vandalism’ attack. You ...
  • Internet Security Basics
    By on January 14th, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments
    Internet Security Basics
    The explosive growth of the Internet has meant that thousands of people are today experiencing the joys of being online for the first time. With growth there always comes pain. Be it your growing pains as a child or the growth and development of this part of our culture called the Internet. Firstly we need to quickly explain what the Internet is and where it came from. The Internet is the offspring of a military project called Arpanet. Arpanet was designed to provide reliable communication during global nuclear war. A vast network of interconnected computers was set up all over the world to al...
  • 10 Fast and Free Security Enhancements
    By on January 14th, 2009 | 3 Comments3 Comments Comments
    10 Fast and Free Security Enhancements
    (This’s very important tutorial to Pc users for about there security.) Before you spend a dime on security, there are many precautions you can take that will protect you against the most common threats. 1. Check Windows Update and Office Update regularly have your Office CD ready. Windows Me, 2000, and XP users can configure automatic updates. Click on the Automatic Updates tab in the System control panel and choose the appropriate options. 2. Install a personal firewall. Both SyGate and ZoneAlarm offer free versions. 3. Install a free spyware blocker. SpyBot Search & Destroy spywa...
  • Computer Network Security Solutions and Guide
    By on January 14th, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments Comments
    Computer Network Security Solutions and Guide
    The term ‘computer security‘ is used a lot, the content of a computer is actually vulnerable to only a few risks .... unless the computer is connected to others on a network.As the use of computer networks (Ex:Internet) has increased dramatically during the past few years, the term computer security is now used to describe issues referring to the networked use of computers and their resources. The major technical areas of computer security are confidentiality, integrity and authentication/availability.Confidentiality, also known as secrecy or privacy, means that the infor...
  • Create signature confirmation images [Captcha]
    By on January 13th, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments
    Create signature confirmation images [Captcha]
    On one of my sites, I started getting a lot of spam (Med’s type website) through my forums. I then started to think why not add image captcha, which is explained on wikipedia: I looked for sources and most scripts I found dealt with database storing of info, which I don’t want to increase the already high load on my mysql engine. I then rewrote the script to work without database, simply by passing the variable via POST encoded, thus staying with purpose. Requirements for this script: +++++++++++++++++++++ * Working GD Library + ImageTTFText. Files we ...
  • All About Proxies
    By on January 13th, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments
    All About Proxies
    The exchange of information in Internet is made by the “client – server” model. A client sends a request (what files he needs) and a server sends a reply (required files). For close cooperation (full understanding) between a client and a server the client sends additional information about itself: a version and a name of an operating system, configuration of a browser (including its name and version) etc. This information can be necessary for the server in order to know which web-page should be given (open) to the client. There are different variants of web-pages for differen...
  • Anonymity Guide Proxy
    By on January 13th, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment Comments
    Anonymity Guide Proxy
    I can see you hiding in the shadows over there and so can the logs of all the web sites, FTP servers and other nooks and crannies you visit on the web. The sort of information gathered by these logs and which is available to the webmasters of the sites you visit include The address of the previous site you visited Your IP address, your computer’s ID name, your physical location The name of your ISP along with less personal details such as the operating system you’re using Your screen resolution and more. If someone was snooping through your dustbin to gather information on cons...