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  • Wallpaper of Windows 7 Release

    February 8th, 2009

    Wallpaper of Windows 7 Release Updated.

    Click here for download Wallpaper of Windows 7

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    Idea with Dollar Paper Money

    November 17th, 2008















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    Do You Really Need To Buy Website Traffic For Your Home Based Business?

    November 17th, 2008

    You have just built a great website for your Home Based Business. You did a wonderful job, perhaps paid good money to research your niche market and put together good range of products and services carefully. You are now ready to start your Internet Marketing. But no matter how much you may have thought of, a key ingredient sometimes remains missing. Traffic

    What is Traffic?

    Traffic refers to your potential customers who are directed to your products and services offered by your Online Business through this wonderful website you have now created. Traffic is the lifeline in Internet Marketing and it solely determines the fate of your Online Business. You need new qualified visitors arriving at your website each and every day, ready and willing to buy these products or services.

    Not All Traffic is Good

    In order to succeed and be profitable in your Online Business, you just need to find a target market of a very hungry crowd to buy from you. Your primary task therefore is to direct them to your products you are promoting using the best available marketing strategies.

    Unfortunately not all traffic is created equal. Some paid search engine traffic e.g. Google Adwords can be good traffic. However directing such traffic can be expensive and you can lose an arm and a leg if you are not careful. On the other hand, you may receive other traffic which has no value to you business and therefore no sales conversions as well. You will need to find a strategy to track your efforts and monitor the results.

    Traffic Exchanges can be used to generate traffic to your site. You can view others sites to generate credits to have your site viewed by others or you can purchase views from the exchanges. In some exchanges, you may also promote product banners, which can be very effective as a branding feature for your business.

    Articles Submission, Blogging, Lens writing or Forum participation are other forms of free traffic generation. The amount of traffic being generated here can be pretty substantial. Just make sure that you include a compelling bio box with a link back to your site. You will then be presented with a combination of both fast and slow strategies some of which do not work for you. But thats just the first step.

    Finding The Best Traffic Strategy

    The simplest strategy is often the best one. Go for those that really work for you. You ought to follow every possible traffic generation techniques you can lay your hands on – books, training programs, your mentor or people in forum groups you joined. Then review the results to see which ones work best for you and which dont. One good rule to follow is never buy traffic unless it performs.

    This process to determine which ones work best for you often take considerable amount of time and can be quite frustrating. Many people lose faith in their Online Business when they are confronted with such setbacks and poor sales. But there are those who persevered and succeeded proving right the saying that Failure Precedes Success.

    Internet Marketing is a Science, and having just a website running does nothing unless you are promoting it aggressively and consistently. Use as many strategies that work for you, free and otherwise if possible.

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    Instant Traffic in 6 Easy Steps

    November 17th, 2008

    Webmasters can relate to the importance of traffic to a particular website. However, getting traffic to come to you is not as easy as you may have imagined it. It requires hard work and dedication. Along with the hard work are traffic generating strategies. Here are some of the most effective strategies to drive countless traffic especially targeted traffic to your website.

    Research For Keywords and Keyphrases.

    Keywords and keyphrases are important for your websites visibility. You should be able to get the most relevant keywords and keyphrases for your website. You can do this by using a keyword research tool. Through this tool, you will also be able to check the back links of your sites competitors. You can try to get links from those sites, as well.

    Have a Domain Name.

    Domain name is important because it increases the brand awareness and identity of your online business or website. If you have no domain name yet, it is advisable to use your company name. If it is not available, add a description at least one word. Remember to limit your desired domain name to two words – try not to exceed on this.

    Give Your Site Relevant Content

    It is important to give your website quality and relevant content that reflects a variety of keywords and keyphrases. Be sure that what you put on your website are original content. Dont even think of stealing content from other websites. More relevant content on your site means higher chance of being visible on the search engine result pages for different search terms.

    Simple Web Design

    Do you know what K.I.S.S. means? It is keep it simple This applies to the design of your website. If you want better site traffic, avoid having an entire flash site. Keep your websites design simple and navigable. Make it easy for your site visitors to find what they are in search for. A simple design will most likely make your visitors stay!

    Keep The Size Of Your Pages Small

    A smaller sized page will load faster compared to a larger page. Remember that not all online browsers use high speed connection. If your sites pages are too slow to load, your site visitors will definitely leave your site and look for a better website. So, to make them stay keep your pages smaller in size especially the homepage!

    Optimize your website.

    Optimizing your website will drive more traffic to your website. The title and the headers should contain the most relevant keywords or keyphrases. The content of the website must also carry your websites keywords.

    These six simple steps will guarantee a higher rate of traffic to your website. Furthermore, they are proven to give your website not just ordinary traffic but targeted traffic. So start with the first step now and see your sites traffic grow in no time!

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    Ideas for Free Traffic Generation

    November 17th, 2008

    If you could actually manage to get people to visit your site, then you might very well have the next Google on your hands. But, without the cash to lay out for the pay-per- click advertising or the software necessary to flood the world with more spam, you are beginning to despair. As your site does not even rank in the first ten PAGES, it is beginning to look like that brilliant dream may die one lonely and miserable death. But, dont throw in the towel just yet because there remain some free methods to generate traffic flow to your site.

    While it may not cost a dime, being ranked in the top ten of search engines will require a lot of hard work and effort. You are going to do some homework if you plan on landing your site on the first page of the search engines. Since the competition is already where you want to be, study their sites in great detail because they have a formula that you already know works. Pay attention to their keyword density strategy, the sites they have linked to, and their meta tag usage. It is going to take time to understand their formula because you are going to need to test one variable at a time and then check the resulting increase or decrease in your rankings. Determining a competitors keyword density strategy is probably the thing you should focus upon first. No one except those who own the search engines know the precise formula, so dont worry about getting it perfect. Find a strategy that significantly boosts your rankings and then start cranking out some content using that formula.

    Establishing links with other sites will also significantly improve your rankings. But you dont want to link with ordinary sites with little traffic. The search engines tend to think that if you and another popular site have exchanged links, then your site must have some pretty relevant content on it. But to get those links, you have to have some great content packed full of useful information to offer the webmasters of those popular sites. Finding that keyword density formula is important to this process because you want your content to be informative and search engine optimized. This creates a better incentive for websites to link with you because you will in turn help keep their rankings high. If you think you have a site filled with great content that could prove useful to visitors of other websites, then start e-mailing webmasters to obtain their consent to link to your site. There are websites that allow you to manually link to their site but they may not really be what you are ultimately looking for in order to make it to the first page of the rankings. But, every link gets you that much closer to your dream!

    Another way to increase your traffic flow is to advertise on Yahoo classifieds for free. Yahoo is one of the most visited websites in the world with millions of daily hits. If you can write some great copy, you will have lots of people visiting your site to see your ad. With Yahoo you can post 10 ads free of charge each time. So, go on writing ads and posting them until you manage to drive people to your site. Don’t aspire to become Google overnight. But it’s the best way to work towards that goal. And, it costs nothing. Online classifieds on Yahoo are absolutely free.

    To maximize traffic flow, you are going to have to master the search engines. Almost 90% of the people browsing the web get to websites through search engines so they remain the gatekeepers to your potential success. Be sure to carefully examine your competition to see what they are using to get those high rankings. Concentrate first on the keyword density formula so you can start writing articles and content as soon as possible. Once you have a site filled with great content that may be of value to other webmasters, try exchanging links with other websites. The process is slow and tedious, but if you remained determined it is very possible for you to sit atop the search engine ranking universe, counting your gold!

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    3 Websites That Will Drive More Traffic To Your Internet Business Blog

    November 17th, 2008

    There are as many ways as there are ideas to get visitors to come to your internet business blog. In this article well focus on social bookmarking and news websites. Lets look at 3 and see how they work.

    By definition OnlyWire is a social bookmarking service that allows you to submit your articles or blog posts to many social bookmarking websites at once. Social bookmarking allows internet users to classify pages they would like to bookmark with tags instead of keeping them in a bookmark folder on their computer. These bookmarks can then be shared by all online users of the social bookmarking website. The theory behind social bookmarking websites is that if you find something interesting or useful on the web then the odds are high that someone else using the bookmarking website will find it interesting as well.

    Social bookmarking websites are very popular with the major search engines, so if your blog posts can be found on these social bookmarking sites they will be noticed by the search engines as well. Additionally, as people bookmark resources that they find useful, resources that are of more use are bookmarked by more users. Thus, such a system will rank a resource based on its perceived utility. This is arguably a more useful way to get information than other systems which rank resources based on the number of external links pointing to it.

    When you create an account with OnlyWire youll be initially asked to sign up for all of the bookmarking sites that OnlyWire will submit your blog posts to. This initial effort will allow OnlyWire to bookmark you blogs on 10 or more social bookmarking sites all from a button installed on your browsers tool bar. Once you set up your account and are ready to submit a post youll simply need to enter the title of the post, a short description, the main keywords that describe your post(tags), and the category that it fits. Over time you will find more and more of your posts ranking in the search engines.

    StumbleUpon works on the same premise as OnlyWire and is also assigned a button on your browsers tool bar for when you are ready to submit your content. The difference with OnlyWire is that there is also a community component so you can add friends to your account and let them see what youve been bookmarking and vice versa. You can form networks of people with similar bookmarking interest, and vote on sites that have been bookmarked.

    Submitting your blog posts to Digg.com is a great and fast way for quality traffic. Digg was create for people to share content from anywhere on the web. You can create an account to submit your posts which are then read and rated by its users. By submitting informative and helpful items you can create popularity and be promoted to the front page. This can create a stream of traffic that lasts a long time and potentially cause your blog to be seen my millions of users. Another advantage of Digg is that all information is equal when it is submitted and only becomes ranked higher by the people who vote for it. If you have a way of tracking the traffic to your blog you will notice visitors from Digg after every submission from people across the globe.

    As you can see, there are many ways to get free traffic to your internet business blog. These methods dont take much time at all and can have a long lasting effect on your blog traffic. Social bookmarking websites are also significant to the search engines which is where most websites and blog traffic comes from. Becoming consistent at using these sites every time you make a new post is the technique will work to get some good traffic to your internet business blog.

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    A Tidal Wave Of Non Stop Visitors

    November 17th, 2008

    Every website needs traffic at the lowest possible cost; here are a few ideas to drive thousands of targeted visitors to your site for free.

    Directory Linking – How this works is by submitting your websites URL to other sites Directory. This can be very time consuming and expensive, but if you can link youre your site to other sites with very high page ranks and a lot of traffic the effort at cost will all be worth it. Submitting your URL can also increase your popularity with the search engines because it shows the search engines that quality sites want to link with you. An effort must be made in choosing the correct category page for your URL to ensure it is not listed in a non related category. This can bring in tons of free traffic from these well ranked sites.

    Blogging For those of you who dont know what a blog is, it is basically an online diary or journal where anybody can post there thoughts. This is a free service and anybody who has access to the internet can set up a blog. In blogs there is a comment section that allows visitors to leave comments when they visit, this encourages a visitor to keep coming back to view what others would have to say on the particular topic. The comment section is like a chat room. So what you do is set up a blog on a topic related to your website link it to your website homepage and simply wait for all the traffic.

    Article Marketing is submitting article to Article Directories and online publications, how this can make money for you is to simply start writing articles based on the market niche and submit them, there are literally thousand of Article Directories and online publishing houses hungry for new original content to put on there websites. When you send your articles to the sites simply place your link on it and so when thousand of subscribers read these articles and need more information on the topic they would visit your site. Imagine sending several articles to hundreds or even thousand of sites with thousands of visitors. The traffic you can get is unstoppable.

    Forums- Is like a chat room where people meet to discuss various topics, when you visit forums and make a post you simple leave a link back to your websites homepage. People reading your post that think you know what you are talking about will want to know more about you and visit your site This creates visitors for your site that is targeted to what ever your selling, Forums can have thousand of visitor reading your posts daily, so although it might be time consuming the rewards can be great. So find a good forum and start leaving post.

    Reciprocal linking is basically swapping links with another website owner, Contacting the website owner to link with him can be very time consuming but if you can get quality high page popular websites linking to yours it will all be worth it. Imagine huge websites that get thousand of visitors daily showing your link.

    These are just a few strategies that can get you thousands of new Visitors.

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