How to Create Portable of Software and Application

Nowaday, all of portable is help people save time and easy to working with only one file, no need to install, extract or something very hard when you try to using a software for working and you have not in your PC or Laptop.

And with only a file in your Memory Card, USB Stick ... Just click and use.

But do you know " How to Create Portable of Software and Application ", please review our tutorial bellow to understand more and it will help you creat a portable of software by yourself.


  1. Thinstall Setup Capture . Download Link : [ direct link ]

Doing follow us step by step to ensure you remember what to do and you can do it later. More, prevent error you can get.

  1. Close all open application running
  2. Run Thinstall Setup Capture
  3. Ensure you stick two recommended registry

  4. Choose partition of your system which storage OS and Program
  5. Press Pre-Install Scan. It can take several minutes for completed scan task

    How to Create Portable of Software and Application

  6. After this progress completed. Don't click Post-Install Scan.
  7. Now, you can install software or application which you want to create portable of it. Remember you must do step " Run Thinstall Setup Capture " before you install a software or application to create portable. If you install software or application and you get error, please close it and Pre-Install Scan again.
  8. When you install software/application completed. Click Post-Install Scan. It will record new change when you install new software or application in your system.

  9. Choose path to save file. Recommended keep defaut path : C:\Program Files\Thinstall\Captures\XXXX . XXX in here is name of file generator by system follow currently time.
  10. Save and release change information.

  11. Go to path C:\Program Files\ThinstallCaptures\XXXX and get and run file build.bat to building portable of that software.

  12. Copy file .exe of program to your USB and use. Complete

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