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Destruction and Rebuilding of WOW Dalaran

Date Added: October 19, 2009 08:10:25 AM
Author: chibenq
Category: Career
The first time that Dalaran was destroyed was in the second war between Orc and Human in WOW. Orc in Black Rock Depths drove the Dragon counter the powerful Mage in Dalara. Thus, Cross Island was destroyed into many small islands and Violet Citadel was destroyed. But the surviving Mages were not discouraged. They united together and reconstructed Dalaran. Unfortunately, heaven did not follow the will of man. The Artifact that Mages created for rebuilding Violet Citadel attracted the eyes of Ner'zul. He needed the Eye of Dalaran to gather the dark energy of the distorted space together to open a new Dark Portal. As a result, the Death Knight Talon with his subordinates destroyed the reconstructing Dalaran once again. Thus, it was crashed for the second time. Later, led by the Great Mage of Antonidas, Dalaran was reestablished again in WOW. The location was in the southeast of Lordamere Lake. At that time, Orc had been entirely defeated, so Dalaran finally came through a decade of peace time. However, a good time never lasts long. The new minions of the Burning Legion, the Undead Scourge came again, as they had the legendary Spellbook of Medivh which was the necessary item for summoning Archimonde. As a result, led by the degenerated Death Knight Alsace, the Undead broke the quiet Dalaran, like the tide. Finally, the Spellbook of Medivh was snatched and Antonidas was also killed in this battle. Later, under the command of the Generalissimo Garithos, the Alliance forces reoccupied the ruins of WOW Daralan and some refugees from Lordaeron also maintained a livelihood there. Besides, the survived Mage of Kirin Tor returned there with the intention of rebuilding Dalaran. They built a huge magic force field around the city to avoid new attack, where they slow recovered their own strength. Now the area around the ruins of Dalaran has become the place for guerrilla fighting of the Alliance and the Forgotten. All rights of this article are reserved by http://www.storeingame.com/. Welcome reproduce! You must retain the statement and add the link http://www.storeingame.com/.


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Destruction and Rebuilding of WOW Dalaran
In WOW, Dalaran experienced three destructions in all, but was also repeatedly rebuild. Here is the information.
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