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  • Secrets to Creating Profitable Content
    By on June 18th, 2010 | 23 Comments23 Comments Comments
    Secrets to Creating Profitable Content
    One thing that has shown time and again to be true on the Internet is that content development is one of the most effective return on investment techniques for people that know how to properly use it. Many writers and web site owners are constantly looking for the next big secret to make their content more marketable or valuable. However, there are really no secrets to this industry – only rules. By following these rules and investing an appropriate amount of resources into content creation, you are well on your way to making content creation a profitable endeavor. Combine SEO and Readab...
  • Will the SEO Bubble Burst ?
    By on June 9th, 2010 | 38 Comments38 Comments Comments
    Will the SEO Bubble Burst ?
    Being in the in the SEO industry for quite a while I have seen the industry speed up and grow extremely fast over the last five years and absolutely explode over just the last few years. Recently some are starting to understand that SEO is really a marketing approach and not a science project geared towards just achieving search engine rankings. It is good that some businesses are starting to realize that this is the right approach that everyone should be taking and shifting their focus, but many are still clueless, dumping hundreds of articles and press releases per month, taking spammy appro...
  • A Link Doesn’t Mean Squat if it is Not Relevant
    By on June 9th, 2010 | 26 Comments26 Comments Comments
    A Link Doesn’t Mean Squat if it is Not Relevant
    Does the idea or even the phrase link building still make your head spin? What does it all mean? The bottom line and most important key point to understand about link building is this: Link Building = Marketing. Everywhere you turn online you see blogs and experts saying that link building is so important when you are building a business online, but if you speak with ten different internet marketing specialists you might get ten different answers on how to go about link building. Years ago link building was a different beast. It was all about getting as many links as you can. Things have chang...