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  • Some Things You Should Know About Ranking in Google
    By on September 30th, 2009 | 6 Comments6 Comments Comments
    Some Things You Should Know About Ranking in Google
    Keywords, Scraping, Paid Links, and Duplicate Content ? There has been quite a bit of useful information coming out of Google lately. Not all of it is news, but it is all stuff that webmasters should know about if they are concerned about their rankings in the search engine. 1. The “Keywords” meta tag Savvy SEOs know that the “keywords” meta tag is not something that Google looks at when it comes to ranking websites. However, there are still many people concerned about this, and the tag is recognized by some search engines. Google’s Matt Cutts set the record strai...
  • iPhone Giveaway Craze – Tweet and Win
    By on September 26th, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments Comments
    iPhone Giveaway Craze – Tweet and Win
    Simply type less than 140 characters and you could walk away with a hottest iPhone 3GS. Does it sound unbelievable and crazy for you ? WPWebHost is going to offer such crazy deal in our iPhone Twitter Giveaway Campaign. Starting from Sep 28th 2009, well be giving away iPhone Gift Card for you to claim for the latest iPhone 3GS every day, consecutively for 10 days! How to Win?Follow @wpwebhost on Twitter. Include #wpwebhost hashtag in any tweet on twitter. You can be creative with your tweet or retweet our message as below. There will be bonus prizes for your creativity (see below). WPWebH...
  • 7 Steps for PPC Keyword Analytics
    By on September 26th, 2009 | 4 Comments4 Comments Comments
    7 Steps for PPC Keyword Analytics
    If you advertise using pay-per-click, and AdWords in particular, you may use web analytics (or Google Analytics) to track the performance of keywords, and identify ones that perform well. If you don’t, you probably should. Google recently shared 7 steps for doing just that on the Google Analytics Blog, and expanded upon on another our blog. The steps boil down to these:Ensure Goals and E-commerce Tracking are set up Access the Keywords Report Export non-paid keywords to a spreadsheet Expand the list of keywords using other Google products Download a list of keywords that you are al...
  • 7 Tips for a Successful Affiliate Sales Channel
    By on September 26th, 2009 | 6 Comments6 Comments Comments
    7 Tips for a Successful Affiliate Sales Channel
    I finally got some time to study in detail the new AffStat Report 2009. It offers a comprehensive overview of the affiliate business and, from my point of view, its something every affiliate manager should read. What is Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Cloaking Why Is It Important ?Starting from the affiliate responses, I put together a list of tips for the vendors that want to use the affiliate sales channel at its upper capacity. Having also put my experience so far in this list, its especially aimed at software affiliate managers; however, the principles can be used for other verticals...
  • Targeted Versus Spam Traffic
    By on September 25th, 2009 | 5 Comments5 Comments Comments
    Targeted Versus Spam Traffic
    Generate Targeted Traffic The best approach when running businesses over the Internet is to concentrate on directing quality traffic towards your Web site. In order to do that, there are some tricks that can be done and some rules of thumb that must be taken into account. Don’t sit back and imagine that your site will draw relevant traffic all by itself. In order to make your return on investment worthwhile, you really have to put some effort into promoting your site and luring the right prospects towards your business. Getting the Right Traffic to Your Site Targeted traffic may not be e...
  • How to Optimize the Landing Pages
    By on September 24th, 2009 | 6 Comments6 Comments Comments
    How to Optimize the Landing Pages
    What you know about Landing Pages ? In online marketing a landing page, sometimes known as a lead capture page, is the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement or a search-engine result link. The page will usually display content that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link, and that is optimized to feature specific keywords or phrases for indexing by search engines. In pay per click (PPC) campaigns, the landing page will also be customized to measure the effectiveness of different advertisements. By adding a parameter to the linking URL, marketers can...
  • Twitter SEO Tips : 4 Simple Tips to Help Your Twitter...
    By on September 24th, 2009 | 6 Comments6 Comments Comments
    Twitter SEO Tips : 4 Simple Tips to Help Your Twitter Profile Rank
    Twitter SEO can help you take one more step towards owning your online reputation. In last post, i have introduce The Top 10 Twitter SEO Tips to help you get ranking and best way to promote with your Twitter Profile . When people think of Twitter, they dont usually think of it as a SEO or reputation management tool. Yet, when optimized correctly, a Twitter profile is yet one more URL that anyone can get to rank for their name. Here are 4 simple Twitter SEO tips to help your profile rank: 1. Optimize your title tag. Your Twitter title tag will be this formula: (Username)...
  • Great Alternative Sources of Traffic
    By on September 21st, 2009 | 9 Comments9 Comments Comments
    Great Alternative Sources of Traffic
    You’re probably already using Google Adwords, Yahoo (USA, UK and Australia) and MSN to buy traffic to your site, but did you know there are many other sources for paid traffic that can be really profitable? Four of my favorites include:Google Content Network I’m listing this as an alternative because most people using Google Content Network don’t do it the way that I’m going to show you. Facebook advertising DoubleClick you can put your banners and ads up on other people’s websites YouTube Now that it’s been absorbed by Google, this has become a pretty ...
  • Search Engine Optimization Mini Course
    By on September 18th, 2009 | 10 Comments10 Comments Comments
    Search Engine Optimization Mini Course
    What is Search Engine Optimization ? I think this question is easy to answer and understand for any blogger . Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. Typically, the earlier (or higher) a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. This...
  • How to Create Portable of Software – Part 2
    By on September 16th, 2009 | 13 Comments13 Comments Comments
    How to Create Portable of Software – Part 2
    Nowaday, portable software is helpful and easy to use everywhere. You don’t need to install any software and can use it by only one file. In the last, i have write the way to create portable of software and application with with winrar . Today, i will give other way to create it with Thinstall Setup Capture , a software to help you scan registry and create portable of software . What you need to do this ? You just need to download Thinstall Setup Capture. What you should to do ? You can view our tutorial step by step and learn how to do it. Is it easy and how long does it take to complet...